> > > WORK:PLAY - 5th annual postgraduate research conference

WORK:PLAY - 5th annual postgraduate research conference
11th April, 9.30 - 6.00 G230, Grove Building, Middlesex University

WORK:PLAY - 5th annual postgraduate research conference

Convened by the Faculty of Arts and Creative Industries
TUESDAY 11th April, 2017, 9.30am - 6.00pm
Starting in G230, Grove Building, Middlesex University


The ‘Work : Play’ conference encourages the use of alternative presentation formats and the sharing of practice based research. This supportive 'work-in-progress' event is an opportunity to engage in debate with a cross-disciplinary group of researchers as they test out new ideas and practices.



9:30              Welcome (G230)

9:45               Vron Harris (G230) - Brockwell Park Community Greenhouses             

10:15              Helen Kindred (G230) - KnowingUnknowing and improvised movement practices

10:45              Pete Gomes (G230) - KnowingUnknowing: reflections on developing an improvising camera practice

11:15               Steve Fossey (Grove Building, Atrim Café) - Host

11:45-12:00     Coffee Break

12:00              Jameson Dryburgh (G230) - Unsettling materials: Experiences of learning through taught sequences as a process of disruption in the dance technique class.

12:30              Zita Baracsi (G230) - Possible contribution to the awareness of threshold experiences of underachieving students by Socially Engaged Environmental Art’s ‘group flow’

13:00-13:45     Lunch  + Pune Parsafar film showing (G230) - Women in life and struggle

13:45              Sharon Reshef Armony (Grove Studio 1) - The creation of meaning in ScreenStage performance explored through practice

14:15              Elina Moriya (Grove Studio 2) - At Home (working title)

15:45              Simon Limbrick (Grove Studio 4) - Performance: Where ?

16:15-16:30     Coffee Break

16:30              Lotti Nichol (Grove Studio 3) - BodyScreening

17:30              Closing Plenary Discussion

18:00 onwards Dinner and Drinks at the Greyhound, Hendon

(NB. schedule subject to alteration)

If you have any questions please contact V.midgelow@mdx.ac.uk

Attendence is free and there is no need to book.