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Water Conference: 16th May
16 May 2014, Board Room and 2nd Floor Mezzanine, College Building Hendon Campus

Water Conference

Date: 16 May 2014,
Venue: Board Room & 2nd Floor Mezzanine, College Building, Hendon Campus
Four member of staff of the School of Art and Desgin are involved with the upcoming Water Conference that will be held at Middlesex University on 16th May. 
Dana Arnold is organizer and Chair of the session on Health and Wellbeing; Simon Read and Graeme Evans are going to present as part of the session on Ecology, chaired by Katy Deepwell.
Water: Conference
The latest IPCC report on climate change, recently published and a matter of urgent and necessary public debate, warns that the effects of global warming are likely to be ‘severe, pervasive and irreversible.’ Bringing the issue to our doorstep, the report counsels that ‘Our health, homes, food and safety are all likely to be threatened by rising temperatures’. The impacts on water of climate change – too much and too little – are central to the report and include warnings both of a higher risk of flooding and of drought.
Taking its lead from the particular emphasis placed on water in the IPCC report, this one- day conference explores the topic through its significance in a range of domains: symbolic, political, ecological and ethical. The day consists of conversations, presentations and a related poster display that will bring expert voices in these debates from across the University into dialogue with contributions from a number of additional, invited specialists and commentators. Our aim in juxtaposing potentially convergent approaches to social questions raised by water in this way is to highlight the different meanings and values placed on ‘Water’ as a strategic resource, and to connect greater awareness of those meanings and values to the immediate context of globalisation and climate change.
The day is divided into complementary themes: The symbolic and religious resonance of water; the political importance of water; water ecology and water and health.
This  event is free and open to everyone.
09.30-10.00  Registration & Refreshments (2nd Floor mezzanine)
10.00-10.15  Opening Remarks Professor Michael Driscoll, Vice Chancellor and Professor Waqar Ahmad Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Board Room)
10.15-11.30  Session 1: Symbolism Chair: Alan Durant
Keynote: Edward Stourton (Journalist and Presenter of Radio 4 series A River Runs Through It, tracing the history and symbolism of the River Jordan)
Aaqil Ahmed
11.30 11.45  Break (2nd Floor Mezzanine)
11.45 – 13.15  Session 2: Ecology
Chair: Tom Dickins
Simon Read
- The River Deben Estuary in Suffolk
Graeme Evans - From Coastal Cities to Lea Valley: Mapping the territory Richard Bullock (Biodiversity Officer, WWT London Wetland Centre) Monitoring wildlife at WWT London Wetland Centre - More Questions than Answers
Richard Lindsay (Sustainability Research Institute, University of East London) - Cinderella wetlands - peatland ecosystem services and opportunities
13.15 14.15 Lunch (2nd Floor Mezzanine)
14.15 – 15.15  Session 3: Health & Wellbeing Chair: Dana Arnold
Keynote: Dr. Abimbola O. Odumosu (Save the Children & Unicef)
Water Scarcity: 'A growing concern for the Poor'.
Trish Hafford – Letchfield ‘Water water everywhere and not a drop to drink’
15.15- 15.30  Break (2nd Floor Mezzanine)
15.30 – 17.00  Session 4: Geopolitics
Chair: Giuseppe Primiero
Peter Hough
- Melting but no meltdown: Arctic Cooperation and the Myth of 'Water Wars'
Colin Green - Water management: dancing the tango of governance and technology
Fergus Lyon - Transdisciplinary environmental research on land and water: Building trust across professional cultures
17.00  Summary of Day and Q&A
17.30  Drinks Reception (2nd Floor Mezzanine)

A Monster Soup commonly called Thames Water, Coloured etching by William Heath, London, 1828