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Tim Carson - Lecturer in Jewellery

Tim Carson

Lecturer in Jewellery and Programme Leader BA Jewellery

Tim Carson was born in Chipping Norton when it was little more than just a mildly amusing reference to a down at heal British motorcycle. Carson sensibly moved out when he realised that one day Chippy would be associated with the higher echelons of the Conservative party and all that they represent.


During his formative years when his peers were learning to relate to the rest of the human race, especially with girls, he spent his time tending chickens and living self sufficiently on a small holding in the middle of nowhere in the least populated part of the least populated county in the UK, Herefordshire. Nice one Mum and Dad!


He had to do something when he left school, so Carson went to art college. Initially at Hereford, then followed by Epsom (seemed like Las Vegas in comparison) where he studied jewellery making and design. In 1991 he set up a workshop designing and making jewellery as ‘Timothy’ in a Portakabin in a factory yard in Catford, London.


It went well. The work travelled the world, turning up in, amongst others, the V&A (London, UK), Roger Billcliffe Gallery (Glasgow, UK), Atta Gallery (Bangkok, Thailand), Galerie Legnica (Legnica, Poland) including solo exhibitions at Velvet da Vinci (San Francisco, USA, 2009), Galerie Louise Smit (Amsterdam, Holland, 2011) and Galerie 84GHz (Munich, Germany, 2012)


Currently, working as ‘Timothy Information Limited’, Carson produces badges and other works that explore questions surrounding authorship in conjunction with notions of misdirection and ‘false’ narratives. And if you were to deconstruct that work to identify the separate ingredients you’d find a bit of Punk, a smear of Dada, some Goons, a nod to Situationism, Jean Tinguely lurking, the dilapidated farm machinery of his youth and jokes that very much vary in quality.


Although Carson prefers to spent his time on his own in his Penge based workshop making work and drinking tea while listening to Punk Rock, he realises that it is important to explore and test his discipline amongst others, which is why you’ll find him in a pub every Monday in the East End of London with The Dialogue Collective. A band of makers that explore collaborative and singular practice within the discipline of jewellery and silversmithing through discussion and making. To date they have organised 21 events/exhibitions in Germany, France, USA, Poland, Slovakia and the UK.