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Tansy Spinks' current exhibition
24 May - 6 June 2012, London, UK

Whitstable Biennale performance

Sounding Shore: Coast to Coast

June 2nd 2018, Whitstable Biennale Swimming Home, (Visual Art, Film, Performance, Sound); a live performance using scavenged objects, microphone and looping device, commissioned by Marcus Leadley as part of The Sounding Shore: Coast to Coast, programme on the main beach, Whitstable. A day long curated programme of live performances and sonic art interventions during which the audience listens on wireless headphones. Tansy Spinks is joined by Iris Garrelfs. Together they constitute The Lab of Sonic Possibility. https://www.whitstablebiennale.com/project/the-sounding-shore-coast-to-coast/

Tansy Spinks participates in Beyond the Bookshelves

a group exhibition at Chelsea College of Art & Design from 24 May - 6 June 2012

For more information, see the event's webpage

Tansy Spinks on ADRI