> > > Tansy Spinks and John TImberlake commissioned for Leeds exhibition

Tansy Spinks and John TImberlake commissioned for Leeds exhibition
15 August - 7 September 2013, Leeds

Tansy Spinks and John Timberlake have work commissioned for:

Leeds! Leeds! Leeds! 15 August - 7 September 2013, East Street Arts, Leeds

Leeds! Leeds! Leeds! brings together 24 audio works that have been made for, or repurposed to be played in a 45 minute time period. Structured to play two works back to back each day, a duration of 90 minutes, the exhibition references the two halves and two sides in a football match. Although the participants appear to be matched against one another, the order in which the works are played out has been selected randomly - adopting the method used in a football tournament, pulling balls out of a hat - and most importantly, there is no system in place that one might determine a winner. 

Artists: Emma Bennett, Harry Bix, Chloe Cooper, Rhys Coren, Alex Farrar, Bobby Charlton Foster, The Hut Project & James Harkness, Leeds United, Harry Meadley, Mimic Mass, Simon Nelson, New Weirdos , Alia Pathan & Niklas Tafra, The Printernet, Matthew Randle, Roland Ross & Josh Whitaker, Giorgio Sadotti, Charles Sheldon, Rosanna Skett & Will Strong, Tansy Spinks, Jack Strange, Barry Sykes, John Timberlake, Nina Wakeford

Organised by Hayley Dixon

Leeds! Leeds! Leeds!
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East Street Arts, Patrick Studios, St. Mary's Lane, Leeds LS9 7EH

PV Wednesday 14 August 18:00 - 20:00

Open 15 August - 7 September, Thur - Fri 17:00 - 18:30, Sat 15:00 - 16:30

Hayley Dixon 
+44 (0)7960289552