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Damian Sutton on 'Delay' and non-representational photography
Dr Damian Sutton presents his recent paper on non-representational photography, now translated into Finnish.

'Delay' - Damian Sutton speaks at Falmouth University

Presentation on 'non-representational' photography

Dr Damian Sutton, Reader in Photography, gave a talk this week at Falmouth University, as part of their annual seminar series. Dr Sutton presented his paper on 'Delay' and non-representational photography, which looks at how the photographic image is a trace of embodied practice, rather than an attempt at representation of a viewed scene. The paper uses at its core 'non-representational theory' drawn from innovative research in the social sciences. 

Watch via vimeo here:

Damian Sutton Lecture, Mon 29th October 2012 from Falmouth University Media Centre on Vimeo.