> > > Stewart Martin: Life Subsumed?

Stewart Martin: Life Subsumed?
Visual Cultures Public Programme lecture Thursday 8 May 2014, 5-7pm Ian Gulland Theatre Goldsmiths College

Stewart Martin public lecture

'Who says life is subsumed by capitalism?'

The notion that capitalism has developed an increased capacity to subsume life as a whole, not just labour, has become common to discussions of contemporary culture, society and politics. But what does it really mean to say that life is subsumed by capitalism? What conceptions of life and capitalism does it involve? Who has seriously articulated this? This talk will attempt to address these questions by considering the philosophical landscape in which this notion has evolved.

Stewart Martin is Reader in Philosophy and Fine Art at Middlesex University and a member of the editorial collective for the journal Radical Philosophy. He is the author of several essays on the philosophical critique of capitalism, particularly in relation to art.