> > > Steve Mumberson's success story continues...

Steve Mumberson's success story continues...
October 2012, Argentina, China, Israel, Italy, Romania and Slovakia

Steve Mumberson's success story continues:

Throughout October his works have been selected for six international cartoon contests and exhibitions

  • 17th Mercosur International Cartoon Contest Diógenes Taborda 2012 (Buenos Aires, Argentina). More info
  • 6th Chinese Jiaxing International Cartoon Exhibition 2012 (Jiaxing, China). More info
  • 18th International Haifa Cartoon Contest 2012 (Haifa, Israel). More info
  • 'Humour a Gallarate' International Cartoon Contest 2012 (Gallarate, Italy). More info
  • 6th International Exhibition of Satirical Graphic Bucovina 2012 (Bucovina, Romania). More info
  • 2nd International Cartoon Contest “Brain Sneezing” 2011 (Prešov, Slovakia). More info

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