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Steve Mumberson featured in Moleskine Detour Book
December 2012

Steve Mumberson featured in Moleskine Detour Book:

A collection of sketches celebrating the gesture of hand drawing and hand writing.

Detour is the name of a travelling project which, since 2006, has gathered and displayed, in various cities around the world, 275 notebooks decorated, hacked, sketched in and filled with notes, clippings and drawings by internationally renowned authors - including Steve Mumberson - from different professional and cultural backgrounds. Now Detour is also the name of a Book, collecting images from the notebooks in the Detour archive so far.
All Detour works have been donated by the authors to the non- profit Foundation lettera27, whose mission is to support the right to literacy, education, and the access to knowledge and information.

Detour is also a permanent exhibition, with flick-through-videos that anyone can browse on. See Steve's work here.
Moleskine made a project where the interdisciplinary approach is a must, involving a very diverse group of authors from all sorts of creative professions: visual artists, film directors, musicians, writers, critics, illustrators, graphic novelists, from all over the world. In each city local authors have been involved, making the collection richer and richer. The Detour stops so far: London in 2006, New York in 2007, Paris and Berlin in 2008, Istanbul and Tokyo in 2009, Venice and Shanghai in 2010.