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Steve Mumberson invited to International Art Fair in China
29 September to 5 October 2012, China

Steve Mumberson has been featured as an invited international artist

at the 4th International Animation Copyright Fair, Dongguan, China

Steve Mumberson was invited as one of four international cartoonists, animators or graphic artists to the 4th China International Animation Copyright Fair held in Dongguan City, China (about 140km north of Hong Kong) from 29 September to 5 October 2012.

Each of the invited international guests did a stage session during which they produced drawings or cartoons in response to requests by visitors. Steve also had an individual display of fifty works from a series of humour based collages and mixed media graphic artworks. The show was open to the Chinese public, television and animation industries and associated professionals.

The fair is a major venue for the television and film industry in Asia and featured stands and events from Weta, Hong Kong Animation Studio, Chengdu Cobopanda Digital Art Design Co., BBC WorldWide, Tianshan Studio and the Brasil Federation of Film Distributors.

Donngguan City is an “Animation City” with studios and companies producing programmes and films for the Asian market as well as producing animations for Warner and Disney. Dongguan City has the fist Animation and Associated Products Libray in the world. During the fair, many associated animation events were held in the Library's workshop and animation study areas.

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