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Professor Graeme Evans, Principal Investigator



Steve Cinderby (Co-Investigator) University of York, Stockholm Environment Institute

Funded by the AHRC Connected Communities, Cultures, Environments and Sustainability programme

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Graeme Evans: smART Cities & Waste
Supperted by the AHRC Cross-Disciplinary International Network programme.

Arts & Humanities Research Council grant for MDX ‘s Professor Evans and ‘smART Cities & Waste’

Director of research development for the School of Art & Design, Professor Graeme Evans has received a two year Research Network grant from the Arts & Humanities Research Council (AHRC) under the Cross-Disciplinary International Network programme for smART Cities and Waste.

The aim of smART Cities and Waste is to develop a forum for knowledge exchange and debate across art and humanities and science disciplines and subject areas with a common focus on waste management and treatment innovation.

This will seek to develop responses to the question: how can creative approaches inform waste management innovation techniques and processes; and secondly, (how) does place (local context, identity, culture, governance) make a difference to waste generation, waste innovation delivery and uptake?

This aim will be met through the following objectives:

1)  To establish an interdisciplinary network of Europe-wide academics, artists, scientists, practitioners, stakeholders, and interested end-users.

Over two years workshops in four European cities - Amsterdam, Maastricht, London, and Bangor in Wales – will be run to explore and develop ideas and possible solutions. smART Cities & Waste will also stage a number of 'pop-up' events alongside the workshops piloting arts-based approaches to public engagement and waste.

2) To identify particular sorts of waste (e.g. industrial/domestic, organic/manufactured, chemicals/metals, waste-energy, water) and to identify specific 'intervention points', which have good potential for creative interdisciplinary innovation.

Investigators include Professor Graeme Evans (Middlesex School of Art & Design) and Dr Alex Plows (Bangor University), with artist Irene Janze (Buro  jan-ZE, Amsterdam) and environmentalist, James Baker (Selor EEIG, Netherlands).

The network will also make connections, through the pop-up events and through the website/wikisite, with the general public, enabling local and lay expertise to inform the network.

The project officially starts in February 2016 and will run for 2 years with the first workshop and pop-up arts event to be held at the Free University of Amsterdam on 28 April 2016.