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Slashstroke Magazine n. 7: <em>Russian DNA</em> launch

Slashstroke Magazine n. 7: Russian DNA. Are We Where We Come From?

Now open for submissions/collaboration

Lucy Fine, Senior Lecturer in Fashion Communication & Styling and David Poole, Lecturer in Fashion and Design Styling and Promotion, announce the launch of the new issue of Slashstroke Magazine:

RUSSIA DNA will look at individuals producing work outside their homeland, observing how they feel about their connections to geographic lineage and whether it informs their work. What is Russian in terms of creative output, are we where we come from in the context of creative DNA. The Russia DNA issue will launch a new program of debate and research on the Slashstroke platform exploring Cultural DNA Migration in creative industries, education and creative practice within London.

Guest edited by ZDDZ.
Produced in English and Russian.

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Image by Slashstroke.

Image by Slashstroke.