> > > Simon Read at Art of Nature Workshop

Simon Read at Art of Nature Workshop
22-23 February 2014, Greenpeace Headquarters, Islington, London

Simon Read at The Art of Nature - Beauty and Complexity Workshop

Bringing artists, environmentalists and community together to enable full participation

2 day weekend event: 22/23 February 2014
10.30am - 4.30pm, Greenpeace Headquarters, Islington, London

Complexity is the shortest route to a solution.

The Art of Nature aims to highlight one powerful road that artists, environmentalists and community can take by coming together to address environmental complexity through the arts.
The battle to protect the earth, our only home, can only be won with mass participation alongside sound science. In order to switch on the capacity of people to contribute fully to sustainable development, we need to move beyond simple messages to build layers and layers of understanding of complex environmental concepts. The unique quality of the arts is inspired understanding versus intellectual understanding. It takes a leap across the gap!
The 9 in-depth events across the UK will take on a simple format. We will introduce outstanding ecological arts projects addressing complexity alongside projects that give environmental, social and cultural contexts, followed by substantial time for discussion and working together. The presenters will be participants and the participants can be impromptu presenters. We aim for a legacy of dynamic forums working towards a future in which environmental complexity will be an ongoing feature of community life. Join us!

Day 1
3 ecological arts projects demonstrating the power and significance of inspired understanding in communicating complex environmental concepts
World Café - discussion/impromptu 5 minute presentations/working together
Day 2
3 projects bringing in environmental, social, or cultural themes demonstrating the layers of narrative
Open Space Technology - - discussion/impromptu 5 minute presentations/ working together
Participant preparation for working together
Artists - Be prepared to expand the wider potential of your work. Bring examples of your work and methodology.
Environmentalists - Identify and name the complex environmental concepts that people need to grasp. Consider creating opportunities for artists to work with you to access the understanding needed. Name possible sites and scenarios.
Community representatives - Identify how environmental themes link into social and cultural contexts to make meaning and generate motivation to act. Name possible sites and scenarios.
Impromptu presentations - The events are about in depth conversations. At relevant points you may propose to give a 5 minute presentation.
All - Imagine new opportunities into reality, working towards partnerships that enable addressing environmental complexity to be an ongoing feature of community life.
London Event 22-23 February 2014  at Greenpeace Headquarters, Islington.
Day 1
Presentations: David Haley (Reclaiming Hongkong - a life support system), Kerry Morrison (Alternative Views), Celia Spouncer (Green Veins)
Discussion and working together
Day 2
Presentations: Bill Butterworth (The Promised Land), Shelley Sacks (University of Trees), Ceri Buckmaster (Foraging and Street Food), Clive Adams (Soil Culture)
Discussion and working together
Sign up to the forum - expand contacts, address mutual learning, shape actions

How to take part:

Places are very limited. There are only 40 places including presenters. First come first served. All the fees for the different categories are on a sliding scale, down to zero, to ensure that everyone can participate as well as to enable us to cover the costs of running the event. You are free to decide how much you are able to contribute.

Statutory organisations £200 to £0
Voluntary organisations £80 to £0
Community groups and individuals £40 to £0

For bookings and enquiries, please email: