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Neelam Raina - Perceptions & Trends of Craft
12 January 2014, Earl's Court, London, 1-2pm

The Perceptions & Trends of Craft

Top Drawer Earl's Court, London

12 January 2014, 12pm – 1pm

Top Drawer, Earl's Court, London

Panel discussion with Dr Neelam Raina, Senior Lecturer, School of Art & Design, Middlesex University, and John Ballyn, Craft Expert.

Dr Neelam Raina's research explores the links between craft, culture, conflict, poverty and development.

John Ballyn is an established member of the craft community – awarded the William Morris Centennial Medal in 1995 for his services in crafts worldwide is just a glimpse at his achievements. 

Talk 1  Craft – The Past, Present And Future Of Making

This talk will address issues of making and the relevance of technology and its transformative impacts on making and consumption of craft. This will address not just the process of making but also the creative thinking that surrounds the notions of making. Links will be made to the past systems, which are valued within the systems of practice as well as future trends that seem to be increasingly popular within designing and making.
Talk 2 - The Business Of Craft – Perceptions, Trade And Trends

This talk will address the trade thinking within craft and address notions of markets, volume and value of the market. It will also look at the characteristics of craft buyers and where the potential for buying remains. The focus remains on the perceptions of craft, from the trade perspective and also look into consumer trends that remain relevant to the sector, later linking this to the implications for the future of craft.