> > > Photography staff at Underground Gallery

Photography staff research group at Underground Gallery
18 - 23 February 2013, London

The Bigger Picture

New Central London exhibition by ADRI photography staff research group

Private View: Tuesday 19 February from 6-9pm

Underground Gallery
6 Charing Cross Underground Arcade
The Strand, London, WC2N 4HZ
Telephone: 0207 379 8828

Opening Hours: Monday to Saturday 11am – 5:30pm
The exhibition will run from 18 - 23 Febraury 2013.

About the exhibition:

The Bigger Picture is a survey of society, of environment, of life, of the world around us, of the now. It is incisive social documentary, slice of life, a reflection of the human condition, a document, a record, a sideways glance, a provocation, a debate, a castigation and a celebration. The Bigger Picture is capturing the now. The now is always changing, impossible to pin down and when it is recorded, the now becomes the past. But we can learn from the past, however recent, and apply the lessons to the future. So let’s look at ourselves, where we are now, let’s look and learn.