> > > Paul Haywood: Rural Works Seminar, Wales

Paul Haywood: Rural Works Seminar, Wales
28 and 29 June 2014. Corwen, North Wales.

Paul Haywood: Rural Works Seminar, Wales

Rural Works was a two-day seminar that used the town of Corwen, Wales, as a case study to explore how an arts-led awareness of the local environment - built, natural and cultural - can shape community-conscious regeneration.


The Seminar was hosted by ADDO and Camp Little Hope, funded by the Arts Council of Wales. Since summer 2013, the artists Camp Little Hope have worked with communities in Corwen to develop a garden laboratory that explores the future of the Welsh landscape. The Corwen Field Stwdio is a collaborative platform that tests the roles that art and the garden could play in Corwen and similar social and rural landscapes. The Corwen Field Stwdio has hosted a series of events, from workshops and informal gatherings to the Rural Works seminar, to investigate the role of art in a rural context.

Artists Manon Awst, Matt Baker and Paul Haywood were invited to present to the seminar on the 28th and 29th June and join conversations focused on a series of key questions. Can temporary artist residencies facilitate long-term change? How can art regenerate small towns without simply exporting urban cultures? How is the impact of an artist-led project different from artists facilitating community engagement in established rural regeneration projects? Does the potential intimacy and accountability provided by rural environments offer a unique platform for creativity and social change?