> > > Nic Sandiland: new commission by Brighton Digital Festival

Nic Sandiland: new commission by Brighton Digital Festival
'Weighting', 21 Sept-28 Sept, Brighton

Nic Sandiland: “Weighting”, a new installation commissioned by Brighton Digital Festival

Brighton Digital Festival,
The Emporium
88 London Road, Brighton BN1 4JF
Phone:01273 911313

8am- 9pm Monday 21st September to Sunday 28th September

Nic Sandiland presents two new works, Rolling and Weighting commissioned by South East Dance for the Brighton Digital Festival. Both pieces continue his investigation into the flow of movement between digital spaces and the physical space experienced by the viewer.

Rolling takes as its starting point the martial art of Aikido which has had a significant impact on contemporary dance practice over the past 50 years. Focusing on the Aikido roll it aims to create a bridge between the digital and physical spaces in an ironic and surprising manner, bringing this traditional practice it into our 21st century augmented digital world.
Rolling is a new collaboration with Brighton Aikikai Aikido Club.

Weighting attempts to realise the impossible, yet at the same time suggests that the intangible and representational have direct repercussions in our physical world. The piece is based around a large set of weighing scales which tilts and falls to the movement of digital performers as if they were physically present in the space. In an ironic manner Weighting also reflects on the more banal side of our digital interactions within the world embracing themes of futility, pointlessness and the pursuit of the new.