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Nic Sandiland - Trip Hazard on show
27 Feb 2014 – 7 Mar 2014 in Brighton. 12 Mar 2014 – 16 Mar 2014 in Amsterdam.

Trip Hazard installation on show in Brighton and Amsterdam

Together with choreographer Yael Flexer, installation artist Nic Sandiland (Senior Lecturer BA Fine Art, Middlesex University) works under the name Flexer & Sandiland.

Their recent installation Trip Hazard (2013) will be on display in Brighton and Amsterdam during February and March 2014. Part one-liner gag, part public intervention, Trip Hazard forms a physical and immediate bridge between everyday inadvertent actions in public spaces and the potentially catastrophic consequences such actions could have.


27 Feb 2014 – 7 Mar 2014
Brighton Dome, Brighton, United Kingdom

12 Mar 2014 – 16 Mar 2014      
at Cinedans, The Eye, Amsterdam, Netherlands


From the artists' webpage:

Having spent a number of years looking at continuous connections between the viewer and digital performer I decided to revisit the more commonplace interaction of discrete cause and effect; where a particular action in the physical world might trigger a pre-set event in a digital space. This new direction was to some degree influenced through my involvement with Gary Steven’s Wake Up and Hide (Matt’s Gallery 2007): a video installation linking to the unintentional sounds of the gallery visitors to reactions contained within a series of video clips. Like Wake Up and Hide, Trip Hazard also looks at the inadvertent actions of the general public but concentrates on a proposed transfer of momentum between physical environment and digital space.