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Nic Sandiland: New ACE funded R&D towards
October 2014 to March 2015

Nic Sandiland: New ACE funded R&D towards 'Low Light'

Nic Sandiland and co-artistic director Yael Flexer (Flexer & Sandiland) have just received a £15k Arts Council award towards a new research project spanning live performance, video installation and lighting design. 

The research will focus on movement by dancers in extreme low-light conditions bordering on the threshold of perception, a rich and unexplored area for choreography touched briefly upon during our last production: 

What movement does the audience perceive when presented with relatively little visual information? What can this offer to the choreographic pallet of the artist and how can this lend to new artistic experiences for both audiences and artists?

We will be collaborating with regular collaborators: Wendy Houston and Gary Stevens, lighting designer Natalie Rowland (University of Chichester) and look to establish a new partnership with George Mather, professor of vision science at Lincoln University.