> > > Francesca Murialdo: HOW - Hospitality & Workspace conference

Francesca Murialdo: HOW - Hospitality & Workspace conference
24 May, Polytechnic of Milan

Francesca Murialdo: HOW - Hospitality & Workspace conference

Francesca Murialdo, Lecturer in Interior Architecture, presents at the HOW - Hospitality & Workspace conference held at Milan Polytechnic on 24th May 2017.

Her paper is titled 'Second Home- DESIGNING WRITING SPACES':

The notion of home, a permanent asset that encapsulates family memories and most private behaviors, has permanently shifted towards multiple fragmented spaces that we inhabit simultaneously.

This is due both to personal and social conditions, ranging from the freedom/necessity to travel for education and career, to the gentrification that has increased the cost of home buying that is now reserved to the elites.

To be homeless, the state of being without a fixed habitat, can be both a physical and a psychological condition. Home is an idea, before than a shelter, and it is expressed through a feeling of attachment and intimacy: home is the space for reflection.

This research started on the acknowledgment of homeless-ness as an existential condition of many of our students and a common situation for numberless people in a big city like London.

Writing Spaces are a physical translation of a mental space: writing is a shared activity that brings together different people and produces different outcomes but is always self reflective, no matter if what we write is and essay or a to-do list.

The research, collaboratively developed by architectural designers and writing specialists at Middlesex University, London, explores design proposals able to stimulate and support the making of ideas through writing. It consists of 3 different phases: a first investigation through an online questionnaire, a second conversation in small groups to unpack space qualities, and a third one, with the students of the School of Design of Polimi, to design spatial proposals.