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Prof Graeme Evans is Convener and grant holder for the Mega-Events Research Network and Special Professor/Director of the Centre for Urban & Euregional Studies, University of Maastricht Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences


Dr Bas Van Heur, Free University Brussels (VUB); Dr Lauren Andres, University of Birmingham; Dr Philip Lawton, post-doc researcher, Maastricht University


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Graeme Evans- Mega Events: Regeneration and Regional Development

Mega Events: Regeneration and Regional Development


Prof Graeme Evans


The project centres around a Mega Events Research Network funded by the Regional Studies Association (RSA) and a three year Culture & Development project funded the city of Maastricht and Limburg Province with the University of Maastricht Centre for Urban & Euregional Studies (CUES), where the city/region has been shortlisted for European Capital of Culture 2018. The Network presents research workshops on various Mega-Events themes such as Impact Evaluation, Identity, Legacy and Culture - in a regional context. A series of events and publications (below) have been generated including work on Late Night Festivals, London Olympics and Cities of Culture. Research on the Knowledge Euregion has also informed local and regional policy as well as the relationship between the university and the city, whilst a thematic approach to mega event development through the idea of emancipation has informed the ECOC Via2018 programming and bid.

A Mega Events Back to the Future conference was held at London Metropolitan University on 8th March 2013. The next Mega Event Research Seminar will be held in early 2014 on the theme of artist intervention/opposition, re-use of industrial space, and cultural impacts from mega events such as London2012 (e.g. Cultural Olympiad) and forthcoming mega events in Brazil and Scotland.


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