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Massey and Fortnum at The Value of Making
10th May 2014 11:00am- 5:30pm Modern Art Oxford

Anne Massey and Rebecca Fortnum at Test Run Symposium 'The Value of Making'

10th May 2014
11:00am- 5:30pm
Modern Art Oxford
30 Pembroke St
Oxford OX1 1BP

The Value of Making symposium brings together contemporary artists and thinkers from a range of disciplines to explore the value of making.  Chaired by Professor Anne Massey, this event will discuss questions around artists' creative practice as a form of research and the interelation between artistic & industrial production.


Collaborative Work - Taking the work of the Independent Group as her starting point, Prof Anne Massey will talk about artists who work collaboratively across disciplines.

On Not Knowling How Artists Think - Prof Rebecca Fortnum and Elizabeth Fisher talk more about their book On Not Knowing which explores the role of ‘not knowing’ within the creative process. The state of ‘not knowing’ or engaging with the unknown is an important aspect in the making process, with artists often balancing a strong sense of direction with a more playful or meditative state of exploration and experimentation.

To Hell With Culture - Director Huw Wahl's portrait of the life and work of influential art critic, poet and self-confessed anarchist Herbert Read. This documentary investigates whether Read's idea that culture would no longer be a commodity, separated from society, but an integral part of everyday life.

Disobedient Objects - Dr Gavin Grindon, co-curator of the V&A's The Disobedient Object, delves further into art and design produced by grassroots social movements. The V&A exhibition was about out-designing authority and looked beyond art and design framed by markets, connoisseurs and professionals, and considered the role of social movement cultures in re-making our world from the ground up.

Sustainable Design - As a researcher of design as a cultural practice, Dr Paul Micklethwaite's primary interests are in the impact of the sustainability agenda on the theory and practice of design, and emerging modes of design practice such as social innovation and open design.

The Value of Making - Chaired by Dr Anne Massey, this panel discussion to end the day will examine the value of making as a creative process, pedagogical tool and form of political agency.

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