> > > Prof Katy Deepwell speaker at Mother House

Prof Katy Deepwell speaker at Mother House
1 Oct, IKLECTIK London,12.00-6.00pm

Prof Katy Deepwell speaker at Mother House

Prof Katy Deepwell is taking part in an event organised by ProCreate.org called the Mother House, it is a panel discussion at the close of a one-month studio residency programme for Artists who are also mothers on 1 October 2016 from 12.00-6.00pm.


We would like to take a journey into this process of formation of the maternal segment and its audience, listening and looking at the work and choices of artists and curators who will be accompanying us for an open conversation.

- The concept of `the feminine has generally been employed to denigrate the work of women artists. We wonder how the maternal subject in the arts became representation of the challenged term of feminine and how, exploring the modernism discourses and the association with masculinity, maternal art became a critical practice to be segregated in a restricted segment of underrepresented and unwanted art.

The coined term Mother-artist mirrors the alienation of a niche of women artist gathered together by gender, motherhood, need to belonging to a group towards the reconnection with their practise from a new yet unrecognised prospective. Shaping the female ambitions, women artists decided to be associated to this community or be completely disconnected by it, thus embracing the theory and commonsense for which Maternal art is banally stereotyped.

Mother-artists became consequently their own audience.

Today this group became a large corporation increasingly values the more holistic and flexible, collaborative and consultative modes associated with maternal and feminine values, with a more caring and sharing outlook, therefore providing the renaissance and empowerment of womanhood, domestic practices and mothering.

Confirmed Panellists:
- Deirdre M. Donoghue - PHD researcher Ultrecht University - Founding Director of M/other Voices Foundation
- Barbara Philipp - visual and performance artist
- Rose Gibbs - Artist, Feminist activist
- Terri Hawkes - Writer, Director, Producer, (Demeter Press, Canada)
- Susan Kelly - Senior Lecturer in Fine Art, Course Leader BA Fine Art and History of Art at Goldsmiths University
- Katy Deepwell - Professor of Contemporary Art, Theory and Criticism, Middlesex University
- Diana Damian Martin - writer, critic, curator and academic
* More TBC soon.

* BSL Interpreting will be available on the day so if you require it please let the organisers know.

* If you would like to express your opinion on this subject please send us an email at info@procreateproject.com. Some of the papers will be read during the panel.

- Did mother artists become consequently their own audience? - Did the maternal subject in the arts become representation of the challenged term of feminine?
- Are there any common threads or common concerns relating to the art all mother artists produce? Are artists mother working around ‘non-maternal’ topics face the same problems?
- Exploring the modernism discourse and the association with masculinity, did maternal art become a critical practice to be segregated in a restrict segment?
- Is it underrepresented? Is it unwanted?
- Why many women artists voluntary avoid to be associated with this group and even hiding their "being a mother"?
- considering that it has been over 50 years since the formation of the woman’s liberation movement and the derived feminist art culture , how much has changed since then for mother artists?
- .Is it talking about it creating a bigger issue? shall we just get on with it?!

We very much look forward to hearing from you and to see you at the IKLECTIK on the 1st Oct!

* Photo credits: Artist Lara Gonzalez. South Bank University. Procreate Project Photozine Archive