> > > Phil Healey: solo show in Central London

Phil Healey: solo show in Central London
4 - 11 February 2013, London

Forgotten Memories of Things That Never Were

Upcoming solo show of photographs by Phil Healey

Private View: Tuesday 5 February from 6-9pm.

Underground Gallery
6 Charing Cross Underground Arcade
The Strand, London, WC2N 4HZ
Telephone: 0207 379 8828

Opening Hours: Monday to Saturday 11am – 5:30pm
The exhibition will run from 4 - 11 Febraury 2013.


Phil Healey about the exhibition:

I’m interested in people and humanity, but not portraits. My work communicates a lot about people, the spaces they occupy, their impact on their environment and accidental juxtapositions - the things that happen when elements are brought together through chance. The play of light that picks out a particular object or draws the eye, contrasts that can provoke thought, recognition, humour, sadness or melancholia. Nostalgia can feature and certainly change over time is an important factor. The work is often abstract in some ways and concrete in others, in fact concrete appears quite a lot. The images are usually urban locations and the underlying idea could be seen as the search for art in unexpected places, beautiful eyesores and evocative moments. The viewer is provoked into imagining a narrative to contextualise the image, creating a chain of events, in their imagination, which may or may not have actually happened. There seems to be a human need to create narratives and back-stories to images, even if these are not expressed. But these images are actually an artificial construction and not an accurate record of a chain of events so the narratives imagined are not real and never were.