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Fashioning Taste

Fashioning Taste

Social Hierarchies and Architecture, Design & Fashion

Thursday 28 November 2013 10.00
Committee Room 2, Middlesex University, Hendon Campus

Staged as the first in a series of research seminars which explores the space between different design practices and histories, Fashioning Taste explores possible crossovers between fashion and interiors. Using the framing device of social hierarchies, the day will show case work from established and emerging scholars which is all informed by a critical investigation of taste and class. This will challenge the silo effect of established disciplinary practice and propose an approach which is more inclusive.



10.00-10.15 Coffee and registration

10.15 Welcome and introduction to IF

Graeme Brooker, Head of Fashion and Interiors, Middlesex University

10.30 Framing the Day: The last taboo: social class and cultural hierarchies

Anne Massey, Professor of Design, Middlesex University

10.45 'Tropics of Taste: Curating The Silver Studio'

Zoe Hendon, Head of Museum Collections, Museum of Domestic Design & Architecture (MoDA) Middlesex University

11.15 Class, Modernity and Design in inter-war London

Elizabeth Darling, Reader in Architectural History

Oxford Brookes University

11.45 The Forgetting of Arthur Wragg

Damon Taylor, Senior Lecturer in Design, Design Futures, Brighton University

12.15 Questions

12.30 Lunch

14.00 'Utterly meretricious furniture' for 'vulgar people': The interwar home and suburban modernity in England

Deborah Sugg Ryan, Associate Professor of History and Theory of Design

Falmouth University

14.30 'Dispelling the Myth: the influence of cinema on the fashion of young working-class women in the 1930's'

Cheryl Roberts, Senior Lecturer in Fashion History,

Middlesex University

15.00 Tea

15.15 ' "The Intelligent and Not So Well Informed": the media, social class and the cultivation of public audiences for modern architecture'.

Jessica Kelly, Lecturer in Critical and Theoretical Studies at University for the Creative Arts

16.15 'Coals in the Bath: Taste, Anxiety and the Dirty Aesthetics of the Working Class Home'

Christine Atha, Tutor in Department of Critical and Historical Studies, RCA

16.45 Questions

17.00 Closing Remarks

Dana Arnold, Professor of Architectural History and Theory, Middlesex University

17.30 Book Launch, The Grove, Middlesex University

Graeme Brooker, Key Interiors, IB Tauris and Anne Massey, Out of the Ivory Tower: The Independent Group and Popular Culture