> > > Design workshop: The future of the Teletalker

Design workshop: The future of the Teletalker
11 July 2013, The Grove, Hendon Campus, Middlesex University

Designing the future of the Teletalker: How can online face-to-face interaction be made easy and accessible for older people?

A BSG-funded design workshop organised by Marianne Markowski.

Location: The Grove, Hendon Campus, Middlesex University

Date: 11 July 2013 from 10am – 4pm

The Teletalker is a research tool, designed by ADRI research student Marianne Markowski, which can demonstrate the benefits of online connectivity to computer illiterate older people. This workshop brings together people from different perspectives (e.g. carers, older people, researchers and designers) in order to disseminate the Teletalker / Telewalker research findings and to actively imagine the future "preferred state". The preferred state – in this case - is the discussion and subsequent change in thinking by (older) people about online technologies, for example that online face-to-face communication can be made easy for people who haven’t got any online experience. Also a discussion around the physical form and display of online technologies may bring new insights and views, which can inform further projects and designs. Bringing the different experts from different perspectives (academic, professionals, older people, designers) together will offer a unique opportunity to share knowledge, experiences and expertise and to shape the future of the Teletalker.