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Design History Society Annual Conference 2016
8-10 Sept, Middlesex University

Design and Time - Design History Society Annual Conference

Middlesex University, 8th -10th September 2016

Design and Time addresses recent debate about global perspectives on time, the rhythms of work and the increasing speed of life.

This international conference is hosted by Middlesex University in partnership with the Design History Society. Keynote speakers include Professor Elizabeth Guffey (State University, New York), Professor Jeremy Till (University of the Arts, London) and Professor Leslie Atzmon (Eastern Michigan University).

The conference will consist of four strands, each tackling the theme of ‘design and time’ from a different angle:

·         Spaces, Interiors, Places
          Objects, Materiality, Things
·         Remembering & Forgetting
·         Experiencing Time



The full programme has now been announced and details are available here.  We are proud to be welcoming over 60 speakers from all over the world, showcasing some of the best of current design history thinking. 

The Design History Society is the leading organisation that promotes the study of global design histories, and brings together and supports all those engaged in the subject - students, researchers, educators, designers, designer-makers, critics and curators. The Society aims to play an important role in shaping an inclusive design history. 

Middlesex University is proud to be hosting this year’s conference especially since, forty years ago in 1976, the Second Conference of Twentieth Century Design History took place at Middlesex Polytechnic on the theme of 'Leisure and Design in the 20th Century'. That conference placed Middlesex right at the heart of the then newly-emerging discipline of design history.  In the current era of rapid prototyping and slow design, this is an opportunity to reflect on the changing nature of time in relation to design history.

For more details please see the conference website.  Early bird booking is available until the end of July.