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CfP: The Digital Future of the Graduate Show
a 2017 conference organised by MDX and Kingston Universities.

Call for Papers: The Digital Future of the Graduate Show: a 2017 conference organised by MDX and Kingston Universities

Every year thousands of UK (and international) students across all art and design disciplines compete to launch their creative talent through end of year shows.   However, the graduate show format has remained unchanged for decades and our research question asks if the final show is fit for purpose in 2017. 

It is a sensitive area.  Graduates and institutions value exhibitions as their opportunity to promote their work and universities are reluctant, perhaps unable, to invest in a digital future.   We want to open up discussions about how show formats might change to benefit not only students but also industry.  This event follows several seminars and papers around new approaches to the presentation of fashion, the assessment of shows and the presentation of timed creative work.   Now we want to focus on the potential of digital presentation for the graduate show.

To do this we want to organise a conference to present current innovative practice for the Graduate Show and showcase future developments envisaged by leading organisations like Google.  The conference will also showcase the initial outcomes of the Digital Showscapes project at Middlesex University funded by the HEFCE Catalyst Fund for Innovations in Learning and Teaching.  

Proposals for papers are sought around themes including:

  • Best practice case studies showing how digital technologies are impacting on degree shows
  • How might digital technologies enhance the employability of graduating students?
  • How can digital technologies enhance the experiences of diverse students, or support inclusivity and access to opportunities?
  • What are the barriers to students using digital technologies?
  • Can digital technologies promote the crossing of boundaries and building partnerships in the context of the graduate show?


Professor Gareth Williams, Head of the Design Department, Middlesex University.

Professor Catherine McDermott, NTF, Sir Misha Black Award 2016 for Innovation in Design Education.

Please submit 500 words outline to:
Professor Gareth Williams: g.r.williams[at]mdx.ac.uk
Deadline: 1 February 2017
Conference in September 2017