> > > Ergin Cavusoglu 'Speaking Power to (Post) Truth' New York, 2019

Ergin Cavusoglu 'Speaking Power to (Post) Truth' New York, 2019
Ergin Cavusoglu 'Speaking Power to (Post) Truth opens at Jane Lombard Gallery, New York, 17 Jan-16 Feb 2019

New exhibition at Jane Lombard Gallery, New York, 2019

Ergin Cavusoglu 'Speaking Power to (Post) Truth' New York

Speaking Power to (Post) Truth,
Jane Lombard Gallery, New York, USA,
January 17 - February 16, 2019


Jane Lombard Gallery is pleased to present the group exhibition Speaking Power to (Post) Truth, curated by writer and curator Sara Raza, recently the Guggenheim UBS MAP Curator for the Middle East and North Africa. The exhibition brings together a constellation of five contemporary international artists Ergin ÇavuÅŸoÄŸlu, James Clar, Mounir Fatmi, Nadia Kaabi-Linke and Shahpour Pouyan. Their work comes together to reveal a complex pattern of inquiry that seeks to explore deep associations with human consciousness and (post) truth, referencing important historical, literary, social, and political issues.

ÇavuÅŸoÄŸlu remaps the gallery’s architecture to produce a scaled anamorphic floor drawing entitled Silent Systems (2011) that employs optical illusion. The drawing is composed of a 3D rendering of a ship and references Noah’s Arc one of the first migratory vessels. Audiences are invited to interact with the drawing by walking across its entire surface and this act is recorded via a security camera, which relays this interaction onto a monitor displaying what appears to be surreal images of audience members walking inside a sculpture. The work is inspired by a dream sequence featured in a corresponding video And I Awoke (2012) which takes its inspiration from Russian writer Leo Tolstoy’s A Confession and its famous dream sequence, of a man entangled in rope on a bed.