> > > Ergin Çavu?o?lu at FLACC, Genk

Ergin Çavu?o?lu at FLACC, Genk
19th February 2014, 19:00-21:00, Genk

Ergin Çavu?o?lu in conversation with FLACC Artistic Director Luuk Nouwen

19th February 2014, 19:00-21:00

Ergin Çavu?o?lu will present Backbench (2010), a large multi-channel video and architectural installation, which was commissioned and produced by Manifesta 8, the Region of Murcia, Spain in 2010. Backbench reflects on the conditions of art production and consumption that are established within the globalised system of art biennials. The work focuses on the production of cultural discourses and the consequent impact generated by these prevalent modes of exchange, on social, political, professional and likewise on individual levels. The extensive partnerships that are formed between artists and organisations under such conditions were also clearly evidenced during the last Manifesta 9 in Genk, Limburg. Backbench can be seen as an analysis of the intra spectrum of the artistic production set under particular circumstances that are arising from within the art system and their convergence into an internal discourse. Moreover it is about conditioning, disjunctions and bringing out the theatricality in not so everyday situations and tangible modes of production.

FLACC, workplace for visual artists, facilitates every year the realisation of 10 to 15 artists’ workplace projects in Genk. The projects are in most cases aimed at the realization of new work. Core concepts here are equality, cooperation, and space for experimentation.


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