> > > Anne Burke: residency and exhibition, Portugal

Anne Burke selected for international residency
February 2013, S. Pedro do Sul, Portugal

Anne Burke and Antony Lyons selected for Divina Sonus Ruris

Anne Burke and Antony Lyons have been selected from among 150 international applicants for Divina Sonus Ruris, the Binaural/Nodar 2013 residency, in the mountainous Gralheira region of Portugal. Their collaborative project – Sacred Ways – will focus on the sonic and visual associations of the ritual journey or pilgrimage, which is at the heart of shared religious practice but which also extends to the actions, pathways and habits of more personal spiritual significance. The project draws together the artists’ common interests in the concept of the journey, practices of place-making and landscape based field-work.  The work made in the residency is showcased as part of the Tramontana Festival, 04-27 April 2013.