> > > Richard Billingham: CaixaForum Madrid

Richard Billingham's work shown at CaixaForum Madrid
19 June - 15 September 2013, Madrid, Spain

Richard Billingham's work in Seduced by Art: Photography Past Present

a group exhibition at CaixaForum Madrid from 19 June - 15 September 2013

Seduced by Art: Photography Past Present at CaixaForum Madrid is jointly organised with the National Gallery London, where the exhibition was first shown from October 2012 to January 2013.

More info about the Caixa Foundation here.

Richard Billingham's profile on ADRI.

According to the organisers,

Seduced by Art takes a provocative look at how photographers use fine art traditions, including Old Master painting, to explore and justify the possibilities of their art. Right from the beginning, photography dared to claim traditional ‘high art’ subjects as its own. Far from being a general survey, the exhibition draws attention to one particular and rich strand of photography’s history, in major early works by the greatest British and French practitioners alongside photographs by an international array of contemporary artists.