> > > Paul Barritt: Golem. 1927's new show

Paul Barritt: Golem. 1927's new show
Young Vic Theatre, London, until 31st of January 2015.

Paul Barritt: Golem. 1927's new show

Lecturer in Illustration, Paul Barritt’s theatre company 1927 will be performing at the Young Vic theatre up until 31st of Jan, with their new show Golem.

***** Telegraph, Times, Evening Standard!!

Combining animation with live performance and music, 1927 create magical theatrical experiences. This latest show is a Sci-fi satire on the i-phone generation. Problematising our relationship to technology but, perhaps more importantly, the way technology is used as a control by corporate capitalism and how we are seemingly perfectly happy to be controlled by it, allowing ourselves to slip away into an enslavement of ease.


1927 are:
Paul Barritt
Suzanne Andrade
Esme Appleton
Lilly Henley
Shimira Turner
Rose Robinson
Will Close