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Anne Massey talk at the National Maritime Museum
Gendering the Maritime World, 1600–1950 24 April 2014 National Maritime Museum London This event is by invitation only

Anne Massey presents at the National Maritime Museum

Anne Massey presents her paper 'Gendering space: a woman’s touch?' at the symposium Gendering the Maritime World, 1600–1950 taking place at the National Maritime Museum on Thursday, 24 April 2014.

Please note that this event is by invitation only.


10.00–10.30 Coffee and registration
10:30–10:45 Opening remarks
The sea as a gendered space
10.45–11.05 Lisa Hellman (Stockholm University): The Swedish East India Company: gender construction here, there, and in between
11.05–11.25 Anne Massey (Middlesex University): Gendering space: a woman’s touch?
11.25–11.45 Questions for the panel
Gendering the navy
11.45–12.05 Mary Conley (College of the Holy Cross): Growing pains: histories of gender, the Royal Navy and boys’ lives afloat and ashore
12.05–12.25 Laura Rowe (University of Exeter): ‘Walk this way’: gender transgression and normative behaviour in the
Royal Navy in the early 20th century
12.25–12.45 Questions for the panel
12.45–14.15 Lunch
During this break there will also be a guided tour of the War Artists at Sea exhibition in the Queen’s House, led by Melanie Vandenbrouck, Curator of Art, National Maritime Museum
Sailors’ women?
14.15–14.35 Margarette Lincoln (National Maritime Museum): Emma Hamilton:  ‘guardian angel’ or social liability?
14.35–14.55 Melanie Holihead (Oxford University): Cut loose or towed astern: sailors’ women and civilian wives in mid-19th-century Portsmouth
14.55–15.15 Questions for the panel
15.15– 15.45 Break
Cultural connections between ship and shore
15.45–16.05 Joanne Bailey (Oxford Brookes University): Weeping sailors: British manliness, 1760–1860’
16.05–16.25 Amy Miller (National Maritime Museum): Clothes make the man: masculinity, naval uniform and fashion in the period 1820–40
16.25–16.45 Questions for panel
16.45–17.30 General discussion
Quintin Colville (National Maritime Museum)
Elin Jones (Queen Mary, University of London)
Katherine Parker (University of Pittsburgh)