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Prof Dana Arnold, principal investigator


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Ambivalent Geographies

Ambivalent Geographies

Dana Arnold's British Academy funded research project Ambivalent Geographies in collaboration with the Middle East Technical University, Ankara, provides a forum for interchange on questions of urbanism and architecture as visual culture between from scholars across the Middle East, including Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon and Israel. Arnold also works bilingually with French colleagues on two international research projects on cities: London-Paris, which also includes partners from New York University and the University of Oslo and is nearing completion; and The British and French Concessions in Tianjin, with colleagues at the Université Paris I Pantheon-Sorbonne and the Architecture School at Tianjin University, China. She is also the premier external advisor for the research project The cultural landscape and public space from a transnational perspective: Studies on urban parks in treaty ports of modern China, awarded from Natural Science Foundation of China, held by Dr Tianjie Zhang at Tianjin University.

As a result of these collaborations, Arnold has been appointed Guest Professor, International Research Centre for Chinese Cultural Heritage Conservation, Tianjin University, China and Honorary Professor in the Faculty of Architecture at the Middle East Technical University, Ankara. She has been awarded a Fellowship at CRASSH, University of Cambridge to pursue research on the theme ‘Ambivalent Geographies’ in 2013.

This work has been the subject of several recent keynote addresses including :

? / ??·?????(Professor Dana Arnold),????——????????? (Architectural History is more than the study of buildings), 4th International Symposium on the Teaching of Architectural History, China; published in Urban Environment Design (Beijing), Special Issue Feb 2012 ‘World Architectural History International Teaching and Research’, pp. 92-100.

Displacing the East/West Binary: Aesthetic and Cultural Crossover in Film and Visual Culture Symposium at Cardiff University on 2 November 2012.