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Cluster Members:

Emma Dick

Alberto Duman

Loraine Leeson

Neelam Raina

Simon Read

Former members

Valerio Del Baglivo (PhD student)

Graeme Evans

Sonia Boyce

Paul Haywood

Kerri Jefferis (Engagement Officer)

Valeria Graziano

Socially Engaged Practices

Socially Engaged Practices Research Cluster

Main contanct: Loraine Leeson l.leeson[at]mdx.ac.uk
The cluster draws on longitudinal environmental art, major socially-engaged work and it typifies citizen-led arts innovation in the UK/USA. Members are integral to the newly formed AHRC Connected Communities project Hydrocitizenship under the Communities, Cultures, Environments and Sustainability programme, members lead a funded consortium under this programme: Eco-Cultural Production, and are part of an Anglo-Dutch AHRC-NWO project Between the Tides. Others work with inner-city communities and police forces to address gun violence and create art-driven enterprise.