> > > Hilary Robinson's new anthology Feminism-Art-Theory 1968-2014

Hilary Robinson's new anthology Feminism-Art-Theory 1968-2014
Out July 2015.

Hilary Robinson's new anthology Feminism-Art-Theory 1968-2014 out July 2015

Professor Hilary Robinson's anthology, Feminism-Art-Theory 1968-2014, will be published in July 2015 by Wiley.


Charting over 45 years of feminist debate on the significance of gender in the making and understanding of art, the long-anticipated new edition of Feminism-Art-Theory has been extensively updated and reworked. 

- Completely revised, retaining only one-third of the texts of the earlier edition, with all other material being new inclusions

- Brings together 88 revealing texts from North America, Europe and Australasia, juxtaposing writings from artists and activists with those of academics.

- Embraces a broad range of threads and perspectives, from diverse national and global approaches, lesbian and queer theory, and postmodernism, to education and aesthetics.

- Includes many classic texts, but is particularly notable for its inclusion of rare and significant material not reprinted elsewhere.

- Provides a uniquely flexible resource for study and research due to its scale and structure; each of the seven sections focuses on a specific area of debate, with texts arranged chronologically in order to show how issues and arguments developed over time.

Reviews of the first edition
"Robinson's anthology of feminist writing on, in and around art from the last 30 years does fill a very tangible gap and will be of immense use to anybody who spends their time looking at and thinking about art." Art Monthly

Since the first edition appeared in early 2001, Feminism-Art-Theory has proven a vital resource. Substantially revised, this second edition and Robinson’s thoughtful, nuanced yet demotic framing of the issues responds forcefully to the renewed currency of feminism as a living theory and praxis.”
Judith Rodenbeck, Sarah Lawrence College

"Hilary Robinson’s editorial enterprise has become indispensible to an adequate understanding of feminist art as, always, a deeply felt and passionately political practice, and, increasingly, a thoroughly theorized one."
Terrance Smith, University of Pittsburgh

The book can be ordered from the publisher's site both in hardcover and paperback.