> > > ADRI Research Seminar: Miwa Matreyek

ADRI Research Seminar: Miwa Matreyek
Performance and Talk Thursday, April 3 17:30-19:00 G230, The Grove

ADRI Research Seminar: Miwa Matreyek

Guest Performance and Research Talk

Thursday, April 3
G230, The Grove
A collaboration with the School of Media and Performing Arts.

Multimedia artist / performer Miwa Matreyek, who is currently in the UK  for the Future Everything Festival (Manchester), will perform her Myth and Infrastructure, (USA 2010, 17’) followed by an illustrated research talk, then drinks.

The artist steps into her animation world as a shadow silhouette, and the world around her shifts and transforms. She becomes an integral part of her own fantastical animation worlds, as she traverses oceanscapes, cityscapes, and domestic spaces to conjure dreamlike scenes with light and shadow.

After the performance, Miwa Matreyek will talk about her work, her background, and process, sharing some photos, videos, and behind the scenes documentation of her interdisciplinary artistic practice.

Multimedia artist Miwa Matreyek is a CalArts MFA graduate and world-renowned for her animated performances. She has given two at TED, a world leading nonprofit institution in innovation and arts: TEDx Alcatraz and TED GLobal, Oxford, 2010, where she performed Myth and Infrastructure. Matreyek’s work has been shown internationally at animation/film festivals, theater festivals, performance festivals, as well as art galleries, science museums, tech conferences, universities, and more. She is also a founding member of the performance media group Cloud Eye Control, which makes theatrical productions with cleverly integrated animation projections.

All staff and research students from the School of Art and Design and the School of Media and Performing Arts, and guests from other Middlesex University Schools are welcome. Followed by refreshments.