> > > susan pui san lok: RoCH Fans & Legends - 30 Years of CFCCA

susan pui san lok: RoCH Fans & Legends - 30 Years of CFCCA
2 Jun-3Jul, CFCCA, Manchester

30 Years of CFCCA - susan pui san lok: RoCH Fans & Legends

Preview 2 June 2016, 6-8pm
Exhibition continues until 3 July

In 2016, Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art (CFCCA) celebrates its 30 year anniversary with a six month programme that welcomes back some of its past artists who have gone on to achieve international recognition. This June, CFCCA invites artist susan pui san lok  susan pui san lok to close the season of monthly exhibitions with work from the project, RoCH Fans & Legends, commissioned by QUAD and CFCCA in partnership with University of Salford and Animate Projects.
susan pui san lok’s projects have ranged across installation, moving image, sound, performance and text, evolving out of interests in notions of nostalgia and aspiration, place and migration, translation and diaspora. Her new body of work, RoCH Fans and Legends, draws on some forty media adaptations of The Condor Trilogy, a classic Hong Kong ‘wuxia’ epic by Jin Yong, first published between 1957 and 1963. 'Wuxia' refers to a distinct historical genre of Chinese film and fiction that usually involves martial arts, swordplay, 'knights errant' and women warriors.
CFCCA presents Trilogies (2015) and Trailers (2015), single and multichannel works that invoke changing modes of 'wuxia' spectatorship over several decades from bootleg videos to online streaming, and the genre’s recurring landscapes, tropes and archetypes.
susan pui san lok has a long-standing relationship with CFCCA, contributing artistically and critically to the organisation's development since the mid-1990s. susan first exhibited exhibited Retrospectre/Un-(part 6) in 1996, participated in Reassurance in 2005, and exhibited again in our current building with Golden in 2006.