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Prof Hilary Robinson

Professor Hilary Robinson


My research is an exploration of the intersection of feminism and art, and aims to develop thinking about the relationship between practice and theory in what has been and continues to be a highly productive juncture. What drives me is an interest in how 'art' and 'feminism' (as a set of politics, as a web of thought, and as a diversity of practices) have informed each other, challenged each other, and created new ways of thinking and making. Major publications include Visibly Female: Feminism and Art Today (Camden Press: 1987); Feminism-Art-Theory 1968-2000 (Blackwell: 2001); Reading Art, Reading Irigaray: The Politics of Art by Women (IB Tauris: 2006). I curated Feminist and… at the Mattress Factory Museum (2012); Feminism-Art-Theory 1968-2014 (Wiley Blackwell: 2015).

Enquiries about doctoral studies are welcome in any appropriate area, inclusing on individual feminist artists or art theorists; on the intersection of feminist thinking and practice with other politically informed positions and practices; and in both text-based and practice-led research.

PhD supervisions:

As Director of Studies:
Frances Hatherley: Sublime Dissension: Intersectional Approaches to the Construction and Reclamation of the Female Grotesque in Art and Visual Culture.
Elina Suoyrjö: On Feminist Curating.
Suzanne van Rossenberg - The Business Case of Feminist or Queer Art.
Supervisions while at the University of Ulster (1992-2005):
As First Supervisor:
Amanda Montgomery: ‘Towards a better practice model for public art commissioning in Northern Ireland.’Enrolled 2003, awarded 2008
Niamh O’Malley: ‘Repositioning the Landscape Viewer: Investigating models of appreciation and visual representation’ (practice/theory PhD). Enrolled 2000, awarded 2003
Cherie Driver: ‘The writings of Griselda Pollock, Ireland, the "feminine" and visual representation’. Enrolled 2001, awarded 2005
Ruth Jones: ‘Liminality, risk and repetition: Towards a feminine becoming in contemporary art practice’ (practice/theory PhD). Enrolled 1999, awarded 2002
Suzannah Chan: ‘De-centering whiteness, gender and "Irishness:" representing "race," gender and diaspora in Irish visual art’. Enrolled 1998, awarded 2002.
As Second Supervisor:
Peter Richards: Reconstructing representations of the history of performance art (practice/theory MPhil). Enrolled 1996, submitted 1999
Sarah Edge: ‘Photography and identities: a case study and related photographic practices.  An investigation into the role of early photographic representations of working-class women in London as represented in the photographic collection of Arthur J Munby’. Enrolled 1997, PhD awarded 2006 (Part-time)
Sura Al-Maiyah: ‘Daylighting and Sustainability of Place in Cultural Heritage Contexts’. Enrolled 2003, PhD awarded 2006
Will Pollard: ‘The poetic performative:  towards an understanding of the problem of the body and the world in contemporary performance’ (practice/theory PhD). Enrolled 2003, PhD awarded 2007