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Prof Graeme Evans - Professor in Design Cultures

Dr Graeme Evans

Professor in Design Cultures

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Dr Graeme Evans is Professor of Urban Cultures & Design. He holds a PhD & MA from City University, Department of Culture & Creative Industries, and during the last 20 years has held senior academic posts as director of research centres in London and Maastricht. He is a founding editorial board member of the Creative Industries Journal and publishes in a wide range of international journals with work translated into Chinese, German and Turkish and contributions in over 100 books and journals. He has completed several major studies for the UK Cultural Ministry, Arts Councils and overseas cultural agencies, including the OECD and the Council of Europe. Prior to academe he was co-director for an inner city arts centre and community technical aid centre, Inter-Action/ InterChange Studios, and served as director of the London Association of Arts Centres – he is currently researching the evolution and role of the arts centre in architecture & design, artform innovation and social impact.

His book Cultural Planning is the standard reference for the study of the place of the arts and culture in cities.The focus for much of his work is Cities and Urban Culture and in particular the social and cultural production of art, design and space. This has been manifested in major longitudinal research projects on urban sustainability/ mixed-use; accessibility and urban design; creative spaces; and most recently on sustainable design - including the Wiley-Blackwell book, Designing Sustainable Cities. His work has been exhibited at several London Architecture Festivals; at the Building Centre, Germany Gymnasium King's Cross, URBIS Manchester - with keynote presentations and videos/vimeos available  from Glasgow School of Art, Arirang TV Seoul, 'Urban Psychosis', Brunel (with Will Self), and Maastricht ('Who Owns the City').

This research theme has been extended to recent European projects on climate change and coastal cities (SECOA); E-Mobility, and Hydrocitizenship funded (2014-17) by the AHRC. Here the essential hybridity (Latour) between 'nature' and 'society' is explored through a range of creative arts and visualisation methods and interventions from a community/host perspective. This work explores the Science-Technology-Society (STS) and Design interface, countering both the technological determinism that drives policy and research responses to global climate change and material design (products, enginering, industrial, archirecture, fashion etc.), and the design cultures that have formed and fragmented the field. Recent contributions to this debate include an article: (2013) 'Ageing and Climate Change: A Society-Technology-Design discourse’ in the Design Journal 16(20): 239-258.

Graeme also convenes the RSA Mega-Events research network and seminar series   and has undertaken research on European Capitals of Culture, Olympics, EXPOs and Late/Light Night Festivals. He also holds a Special Chair in Culture and Urban Development at Maastricht University where he has led a three year research project on this theme for the city and Limburg Province.

He is presently researching the role of graffiti art in place-making, and the emergence of creative and digital 'quarters' in city branding, including Digital Shoreditch/Tech City in London, with presentations/keynotes made at successive Digital Shoreditch Festivals.

Graeme’s first ‘engagement’ with Middlesex Art & Design was at the former Hornsey College of Art where he performed with ‘Big John’ in 1970…