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Hilary Robinson, curator

Loraine Leeson, exhibiting artist



Hilary Robinson: Feminist And…

Feminist And…

7th September 2012 - 26th May 2013

Within this context, Hilary Robinson curated Feminist And… to explore the intersection of feminist thinking with contemporary art practice, and to present it as a living and present set of political and aesthetic concerns. The method was agreed with the Mattress Factory, a museum of installation art with both a permanent collection (Kusama, Oppenehimer, Turrell, Woodrow, etc) and a temporary exhibition schedule. Six artists were selected on the basis of their history of applying feminist thinking to diverse issues and aesthetics, each artist occupying a separate gallery within the MF. The artists were asked to create new, site-specific, works for the exhibition and the exchange of ideas and their interactions became a significant part of the process. The catalogue was published after the opening, containing process and installation shots, selections from interviews with the artists, as well as a curatorial statement.

Exhibiting Artists: Julia Cahill, Betsy Damon, Parastou Forouhar, Loraine Leeson, Ayanah Moor, Carrie Mae Weems