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Hilary Robinson- Feminist Art History
From Feminism-Art-Theory 1968-2000: An Anthology (Blackwell, 2014) to A Companion to Feminist Art Blackwell, 2016)



In 2001 Hilary Robinson published Feminism-Art-Theory 1968-2000: An Anthology with Blackwell’s. The aim of the anthology was to chart the debates that occurred in the intersection between the women’s movement and the art world, while at the same time disrupting the cannons that were beginning to form, and the USA/UK dominance of the field. The book contains 99 texts in 7 chapters, with copious bibliographies.

In 2014, a completely revised and restructured edition for the years 1968-2013 will be published. The following year, Robinson will publish with Wiley Blackwell a single-author history of the feminist art movement. This will provide a narrative that is complementary to the Anthology, with the same chapter structure, but both volumes will work independently.

In 2016, Robinson will publish a co-edited volume, collaborating with Maria Busek, called A Companion to Feminist Art (also to be published by Wiley Blackwell). This will be a series of 25 essays written to commission, evaluating and assessing the state of feminist art practices now.  Together the three volumes will provide historical documentation, a narrative history, and an evaluation of contemporary practices.