> > > Graeme Evans at Creative City symposium

Graeme Evans at Creative City symposium
Friday 31 January, Maastricht

Graeme Evans to present at Creative City symposium, Maastricht

Beyond the Creative City?

Friday 31 January 2014
1.30 – 4.30 p.m.

Venue: Limburg Provincial Government building, Gouvernement, Limburglaan 10, 6229 GA Randwyck-Maastricht
The symposium will dissect the notion of the Creative City in an era of austerity and fragmentation of European common culture and unity. The symposium brings together a group of leading experts in the creative industries, the creative economy, city planning, heritage and cultural governance to discuss these tensions in the context of this transborder Euregion.

Professor Graeme Evans, Middlesex University
Dr Philip Lawton, CUES, Maastricht University
Professor Robert Kloosterman, University of Amsterdam
Professor Arjo Klamer, Erasmus University, Rotterdam
Professor Joop De Jong, Maastricht University

Participation (including drinks afterwards) is free.

Please register via email to Dr. Joop de Jong: j.dejong@maastrichtuniversity.nl