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Prof Graeme Evans with Dr Jo Foord, Cities Institute





The project has evolved from longitudinal research from the 1980s into cultural and creative clusters and the emerging digital content clusters such as in Shoreditch ‘Silicon Roundabout’ and the expansive Tech City area of east London. This work has mapped digital creative activity, production chains and innovation pathways in the context of local economic development, globalisation (‘Silicons Everywhere’) and the convergence of hard and soft-ware; ICT and creative content production. The opportunities and challenges presented by the digital revolution in terms of sustainable development, social inclusion and participation in digital economic growth are the subject of our ongoing investigation and engagement with the digital creative community. This strand has been presented at successive Digital Shoreditch Festivals (2011, 2012, 2013), Tech City symposia, Associated Parliamentary Design & Innovation Group and knowledge exchange fora, for example at the recent CX conference, Lancaster: http://thecreativeexchange.org/sites/default/files/ke_conf_papers/paper_16.pdf.


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