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Dr Catherine Dormor - Lecturer in Visual Culture and Fashion - ADRI
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Dr Catherine Dormor - Lecturer in Visual Culture and Fashion

Dr Catherine Dormor

Senior Lecturer - Visual Cultures, Design Crafts & Fashion; Research Coordinator: Textiles, Fashion & Craft; Programme Leader: MRes Visual Cultures -practice & activism


I am a practicing artist, researcher and lecturer. My research is concerned with bringing together the materiality, imagery and language of cloth as a way for thinking, making and writing about materiality and making. My practice incorporates stitch, photography, video installation and sculpture, always referencing cloth, its structures and behaviours. Theoretical perspectives are drawn from feminist art theory and philosophies, material culture and ideas surrounding the communication of tacit knowledge.

My current publication project, under contract from Bloomsbury, is a book focusing upon ways and means of bringing practice-based and theoretical approaches to textile: A Philosophy of Textile: practice & theory. This will develop theories of The Seam, Fraying Edges, Folded Cloth, The Caress, The Shimmer and The Viscous.

Personal website:

PhD supervisions:

Aesthetics of Empathy: Affective Affinities and Gothicness in Contemporary Sculpture, Murray Anderson, Middlesex University

A Needle & Thread Narrative: meanings and workings of the needle, Scott Ramsay Kyle, Middlesex University

Grapheme Synaesthesia: an investigation through Fine Art Textiles, Gwen Fereday, Middlesex University

Building New Techniques for Embellishment: tensegrity and the stereometric, Richard Sorger, Middlesex University