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Suzanne Buchan: new international publications

New international publications on experimental film and animation from Prof Suzanne Buchan (2014).

In the framework of “Potsdam 2011 – City of the film”, under the fictional pseudonym or heteronym “Paul Yederbeck“ Frank Geßner staged the polystylistic “Expanded Cinema Animation” ALIAS YEDERBECK. The large-scale cinematographic installation intertwines elements of the visual arts with media art and film, video, animation, and sound in a metafictional performance. The publication includes essays by the animation aesthetician Suzanne Buchan, the art historian Ursula Frohne, the philosopher Christian Katti, and the media theoretician Yvonne Spielmann.

Visual Heteronym and Animation as Process in Frank Geßner's Alias Yederbeck. [German and English] (2014) In: Frank Geßner (ed) Alias Yederbeck. Expanded Animation Cinema. 199-247. With DVD-ROM and booklet. Re:Voir / Potsdam-Babelsberg:  HFF "Konrad Wolf". ISBN 9783000440809


In this Special Issue of the leading German scholarly film journal Montage AV, Buchan’s contribution specifically addresses the practice and research process  of the Quay Brothers (English title: “The Quay Brothers, or: the Liberation of the Mistake”), who were the subject of her book The Quay Brothers. Into a Metaphysical Playroom (Routledge, 2011).

Die Quay Brothers oder: «Die Produktivität des Fehlers (2014). In:  Montage AV, Zeitschrift fur Theorie und Geschichte audiovisueller Kommunikation, 17-31. ISSN 0942-4954





The exhibition The Quay Brothers' Universum at EYE Film Museum Amsterdam (15 December 2013 to 9 March 2014) included film installations amidst many of the artists’ special sources of inspiration. Along with excerpts of texts by Bruno Schulz, Franz Kafka and Robert Walser, this richly illustrated book includes Buchan’s essay, that explores some constellations of the vast universe of their influences – from Wunderkammer artifacts and anatomical models to Eastern European posters, other animation films, drawings from the famous Prinzhorn Collection, scientific collections and scores by Karlheinz Stockhausen.

Short Circuits and Footnote Traces: The Quay Brothers. In: The Quay Brothers' Universum. (2014) Amsterdam: EYE Filmmuseum, 2014, pp 8-15. ISBN 9789462081277