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Basia Sliwinska - Lecturer in Fashion Visual Culture

Dr Basia Sliwinska - Lecturer in Visual Culture

Basia Sliwinska is a member of the CREATE/Feminisms and the Diasporas Research Clusters.

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I am an art historian and art theorist and in my research and teaching practice I focus on contemporary women’s art and issues of the body, gender and identity across differently conceptualized borders. My interest in visual tropes (of femininity, psychoanalytic concepts, in particular of the mirror, and those deriving from Lewis Carroll’s books on Alice in Wonderland) guides my research on gender identity going beyond bipolar boundaries and the politics of vision. Recently I started exploring practices of embodiment in relation to the politics of space and belonging. I am particularly interested in how borders can be negotiated through the body (in particular the female body) as a site of learning, and how space can be produced and practised through the movement of the body.

Recent publications:

Sliwinska, B., (2016) The Female Body in the Looking-Glass: Contemporary Art, Aesthetics and Genderland. London: IB Tauris

Sliwinska, B. and Davis, A.J. (eds.) (2016) 'Trans-figurations: Transnational Perspectives on Domestic Spaces’, Third Text, Vol. 29, Issue 4-5

Sliwinska, B. (2016) 'Transnational Embodied Belonging Within ‘Edge Habitats’', Third Text, Vol. 29, Issue4-5

Sliwinska, B. (2016) ‘'The aesthetics of pedestrianism’ and the politics of belonging in contemporary women’s art’ in Brito Alves, M., Costa, P., Lamoni, G., Saldanha, J.L., Soares, A.I., and Tavares, M. (eds.) Flaneur. New Urban Narratives

Sliwinska, B., (2013) 'A peephole into 'anything else you want to be'', Third Text, Vol. 27, Issue 6, pp. 808-810

Sliwinska, B., (2013) 'And Europe Will be Stunned: Yael Bartana and JRMiP', n.paradoxa, no. 32, pp. 13-22


Selected research activities
05/2016 conference paper Communal breathing and belonging – the gift of space, ‘Penetrable / Traversable / Habitable: Exploring spatial environments by women artists in the 1960s and 1970s’, International Conference, Centro de Arte Moderna – Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian, Lisbon;
04/2016 symposium Feminisms and curatorial collaborations organised by Basia Sliwinska and Elina Suoyrjo as CREATE/Feminisms research cluster’s activity, Institute of Contemporary Arts, London
03/2016 conference paper The gift of transnational belonging in Joanna Rajkowska’s art practice, 'Gender, Sexuality and Citizenship' Thirteenth Annual Conference in Citizenship Studies, Wayne State University, Detroit;
03/2016 Wikipedia Edit-a-thon organised by Basia Sliwinska as CREATE/Feminisms research cluster’s activity in collaboration with Art+Feminism, Institute of Contemporary Arts, London
10/2015 Edge Effect: Politics of Identity across Physical and Virtual Spheres, co-authored with Dr Marco Bohr, Sixth International Conference On the Image, University of Berkeley, USA;
05/2015: keynote talk, conference Flâneur – New urban narratives, Teatro Municipal São Luiz, Lisbon;
09/2014 workshop Transfigurations: Feminism, Art and Global Futures, New Walk Museum and Art Gallery, Leicester;
04/2014 conference session There’s no place like home? Women-in-passage: ‘Home’ and migrations in women’s art since 1945, session at the Association of Art Historians (AAH) Annual Conference, Royal College of Art, London;
02/2014 conference paper Mapping the Other, CAA (College Art Association) 102th Annual Conference, panel Toward Transnational Feminisms in the Arts, Chicago, USA.