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Dr Alexandra Kokoli - Senior Lecturer in Visual Culture - Fine Arts - ADRI
> > Dr Alexandra Kokoli - Senior Lecturer in Visual Culture - Fine Arts


Dr Alexandra Kokoli - Senior Lecturer in Visual Culture - Fine Arts

Dr. Alexandra Kokoli

Senior Lecturer in Visual Culture - Fine Arts

Alexandra Kokoli is a member of the Feminist Practice and Theory Research Cluster.


Feminist art history, theory and practice; the post/decolonial; intersectionality; psychoanalysis, especially the uncanny; the cultural and political uses of the ‘woman artist’ as a distinct classification; domesticities; contemporary artists including Susan Hiller, Monica Ross, Tracey Emin and Sutapa Biswas.


Alexandra Kokoli’s research is situated within feminist art history, theory and practice, focusing particularly on the fraught but fertile relationship between feminism and psychoanalysis. She works with and on contemporary artists including Susan Hiller, Monica Ross and Judy Chicago and has a developing curatorial practice that builds on her research on the gender implications of curatorial strategies. She is also interested in the gender politics of popular visual culture as well as contemporary feminist movements, and is a contributor to The F-Word ( Her texts have been published in numerous journals and edited books, including n.paradoxa, The Art Journal, Performance Research, and Politics in a Glass Case, ed. Angela Dimitrakaki and Lara Perry. She is the editor of Feminism Reframed: Reflections on Art and Difference and Susan Hiller, The Provisional Texture of Reality: Selected Talks and Texts, 1977-2007. She is currently working on the monograph The Feminist Uncanny in Theory and Art Practice (forthcoming by Bloomsbury Academic), which examines feminism’s transformative encounter with the widely debated and influential concept of the uncanny, in both theoretical texts and visual art practice.

PhD supervision

Applications for humanities or practice-led PhD research are welcome in areas including but notlimited to: the interfaces of contemporary art practice and critical theory (practice as theory/ theoryas practice); art practice and theory informed by feminism; post-/decolonial art practice and theory; contemporary art and psychoanalysis; contemporary art and its audiences; contemporaryart in cultural and social contexts.


Dr. Bronwyn Platten, ‘Mouths and Meaning: A multi-sensory, creative and collaborative arts based exploration of food, eating and embodiment towards gaining greater understanding of the experience of eating disorders’, Health and Care Infrastructure Research and Innovation Centre (HaCIRIC), Department for the Built and Human Environment, The University of Salford. Awarded 2012.

Dr. Paul Thompson, ‘An examination of the physical and temporal parameters of printmaking practice through the exploration and application of digital processes in making and cultural shifts in digital participation’; principal supervisor: Dr. Jon Pengelly, Gray’s School of Art, The Robert Gordon University. Awarded 2013.


Caroline Gausden, 'Art in the Public Sphere: The Case of Feminist Manifestos’, IDEAS Research Institute/Gray’s School of Art, Robert Gordon University.

Sonya Dyer, 'Towards an Intersectional Feminist Space Programme', ADRI, Middlesex.

Selected Publications

Articles in Peer-reviewed Journals

'Undoing "homeliness" in feminist art: Feministo: Portrait of the Artist as a Housewife (1975-7)', n.paradoxa: international feminist art journal, vol. 13: Domestic Politics (Jan. 2004), pp. 75-83.

'On Probation: "Tracey Emin" as Sign', Wasafiri, vol. 25, no. 1 (March 2010), pp. 33-40.

'Remembering, Repeating and Working Through in Anniversary – An Act of Memory by Monica Ross and Co-Recitors (2008-)', Performance Research, vol. 17, no. 5 (2012) 'On Duration', pp. 24-30.

'The voice as uncanny index in Susan Hiller's The Last Silent Movie', The Art Journal, vol. 72, no. 2 (Summer 2013), pp. 6-15.

Chapters in Books

'Castration', 'Gender Images in Art', 'Quilting', and 'Women Artists', in Jodi O’Brien (ed.), Encyclopedia of Gender and Society, 2 vols. (Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage, 2009).

'Laura Mulvey, Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema (1975)', 'Griselda Pollock and Rozsika Parker, Old Mistresses. Women, Art and Ideology (1981)', and ‘Hélène Cixous, The Laugh of the Medusa (L'écriture feminine) (1975)', in Diana Newall and G. F. Pooke (eds.), Fifty Key Texts in Art History (London: Routledge, 2012).

'Sisters' in Rachel Dickson (ed.), Judy Chicago (and Louise Bourgeois, Helen Chadwick, Tracey Emin), (London: Ben Uri in association with Lund Humphries, 2012), pp. 169-177.

'The "woman artist" as curatorial effect', in Angela Dimitrakaki and Lara Perry (eds.), Politics in a Glass Case: Exhibiting Women’s and Feminist Art (Liverpool: Liverpool University Press, 2013).

Exhibition Catalogue Essays

‘Frontiers: Gray’s School of Art’, RSA: New Contemporaries (Edinburgh: Royal Scottish Academy, 2010), pp. 62-64.

‘Moving Sideways and Other Sleeping Metaphors: Susan Hiller’s Paraconceptualism’, in Ann Gallagher (ed.) Susan Hiller (London: Tate Publishing, 2011), pp. 143-153.

‘Gray’s School of Art’, RSA: New Contemporaries (Edinburgh: Royal Scottish Academy, 2013).

Edited Books

A. M. Kokoli (ed.), Feminism Reframed: Reflections on Art and Difference (Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2007); electronic edition available. [Reviewed in The Art Book, vol. 16, no. 4 (November 2009), p. 40]

Susan Hiller, The Provisional Texture of Reality: Selected Texts and Interviews, 1977-2007, edited, introduced and annotated by A. M. Kokoli (Zurich: JRP|Ringier, 2009).

In preparation:

Deborah Cherry and A. M. Kokoli (eds.), Tracey Emin: Art and Life, with contributions by Gill Perry, Glenn Adamson, et al..

Authored Book

The Feminist Uncanny in Theory and Art Practice (forthcoming – Bloomsbury Academic, 2015).

Reviews, Interviews, Interventions

Contributor to The Art Book, Art History, n.paradoxa and The F-word, including:

Ed Ruscha's Los Angeles by Alexandra Schwartz’ [book review],The Art Book, vol. 17 (November 2010), pp. 52–54.

‘Tracey Emin: Love is What you Want’ [exhibition review], Art Selector, no. 5: Text in Art – special issue (July 2011).

‘Invasions and Fakes: Susan Hiller in conversation with Alexandra Kokoli’, in Sas Mays and Neil Matheson (eds.), The Machine and the Ghost: Technology and Spiritualism in 19th to 21st century Art and Culture (Manchester: Manchester University Press, 2013), pp. 103-122.

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