> > > ADRI Seminar: Sophie Mobbs and Judith Cowan

ADRI Seminar: Sophie Mobbs and Judith Cowan
Thursday 8th May 2014 4:30-6:30 pm Room G230 Grove Building Hendon Campus

ADRI Research Seminar: Sophie Mobbs and Judith Cowan


We are pleased to announce the first in a series of seminars which will feature the current research of staff in Art and Design. This will involve presentations by two members of staff, with time for question and discussion afterwards.

Sophie Mobbs and Judith Cowan
Thursday 8th May 2014
4:30-6:30 pm
Room G230

Sophie Mobbs
“Intimate Scrutiny: Using Rotoscoping to Unravel the Auteur-Animator beneath the Theory”

Abstract: Rotoscoping takes live-action film and passes it through the hand and eye of the animator. Its intense, frame-by-frame scrutiny can heighten and intensify every flicker of emotion. When the filmed subject is also the animator, rotoscoping becomes a means for exploring intimate, sometimes distressing personal issues. What effect does this have on the animator? How can rotoscoping be used to unwrap the subtleties of body-language and fleeting expressions? By quantifying and qualifying emotion through practical research, theory and self-reflective study, via the production of an animated artefact, the animator as auteur-researcher hopes to establish new avenues of study in emotion and animation.

Sophie Mobbs is Programme Leader in BA 3D Animation and Games and specializes in teaching character and monster animation. Her research interests focus on animation with regards to body language. She uses a creative practice research methodology to explore the relationship between non-verbal communication and animation. Prior to working in Higher Education, Sophie spent 10 years working as an animator in the games industry, working for companies including Sony, Silicon Dreams and Rebellion.

Judith Cowan

Abstract: Filmed in collaboration with Museo Internazionale delle Marionette Antonio Pasqualino, Angelica is a film about inversions. Looking at and seeing things from unusual perspectives, behind stage, in between scenes, the sidelines, unnoticed marginalia. Taking as a loose starting point Boiardo’s tales of ‘Orlando in Love’, the film forms a simultaneous re-scripting of two parallel narratives: that of Angelica, the sole female character who figures within the stories; and the puppet theatre itself. New visions and tales unfold as she is liberated from the stage, and moves out into the theatre and the surrounding streets of Palermo.

Judith Cowan is a Reader of Fine Art. She spent a year at the British School at Rome on the Gulbenkian Rome Scholarship after gaining an MA in Sculpture at Chelsea School of Art. Her long-term preoccupations with theatre, narrative, scenes, sets, and vantage points are explored through sculpture, installation and film. Cowan’s work has been included in group exhibitions at the Hayward Gallery, the Serpentine Gallery, and abroad in Italy, Norway, Czech Republic and USA.

This seminar programme is primarily intended for staff and research students in Art and Design at Middlesex University, but any interested member of the University is welcome to attend. If you are from outside the University and would like further information, please contact Luke White (l.white@mdx.ac.uk), Catherine Dormor (c.dormor@mdx.ac.uk) or Emma Dick (e.dick@mdx.ac.uk)